What is CRC?

CRC is Cannabis industry vernacular for the adsorbent media filter assembly, a common component of modern closed-loop extraction systems—typically those using butane and/or propane as liquid solvent—otherwise known as a SPEc (solid phase extraction cartridge). The meaning of this highly variable acronym in Canna-lingo is dependent on its particular usage mode: Color (mostly Chlorophyll)… Remediation (Removal)… Column/Cartridge ~or~ Chromatography.

The typical CRC assembly is described as: a hollow tube or column, at least 3X (preferably max 6X, but up to 8X) longer than its diameter, with a filtered drain port on bottom (sometimes with a flow regulation valve), filled with adsorbent media as particulate solid, topped with a porous membrane as a ‘distributor’ for liquid solution entering port(s) on its sealed pressure cap.