Mastering MagSil

A Guide to Efficient Deactivation and Activation



Unlock the full potential of MagSil with this quick yet informative guide. We provide step-by-step instructions for the activation and deactivation protocols for this quintessential Carbon Chemistry product.


Carbon Chemistry’s MagSil-PR® is a pelletized and thermally activated semicrystalline magnesium silicate (MgSiO3) that is used mainly for adsorption of residual pesticides from agricultural products by column chromatography, though it may also be used to improve clarity and color of Cannabis extracts. MagSil-PR® has highest affinity for electropositive regions in molecules, which can be tuned for specific groups of compounds by two main types of pretreatment: Activation & Deactivation.

Activated MagSil-PR®… commonly best for remediation of most pesticides (those with mainly halide, cyano/nitrile, thio/mercapto, phosphor, metal groups) and terpene oxide color bodies from cannabinoid resins via normal/mixed phase (e.g., non-polar like alkanes or semi-polar like alcohols/esters, or mixtures/gradients of these solvents) for chromatography or deep bed filtration.

  • MagSil-PR® Activation: Dehydrate all MagSil-PR® prior to use for at least 12 hours (e.g., overnight) in a vacuum oven set @ 275°F (135°C), under atmospheric pressure with vent valve wide open. Upon completion, shut vent valve tightly, and pull vacuum until stable (no rising pressure) @ neg-10″Hg to neg-18″Hg on gauge, then set oven temperature to 100°F and allow MagSil-PR® to cool to setpoint. When finished cooling, vent oven with dry gas or air (e.g., assemble a refrigerant line filter-drier core to vent port prior to opening valve), then immediately pour MagSil-PR into airtight vessel(s) (e.g., Mason jars, media bottles) labeled “MagSil-PR®: Activated” with date.

Deactivated MagSil-PR®… likely best for remediation of phthalate esters, PBO, spinosad (i.e., pesticides with only or mainly ketone, aldehyde, carbonyl & hydroxide groups), and plant pigments (natural colors) from cannabinoid resins, as well as potential separation of CBD/THC and cannabinoquinones (cannabinoid oxide colors) from distillates via normal phase (i.e., non-polar solvents, like alkanes) for chromatography or deep bed filtration.

  • MagSil-PR® Deactivation: Pre-dry MagSil-PR® at 300°F for at least 12 hours in a vacuum oven under continuous vacuum of neg-26″Hg to neg-29″Hg. Upon completion, vent vacuum to relatively dry atmosphere, then immediately pour MagSil into airtight vessel(s) (labeled “MagSil-PR® HI-TEMP DRIED for deactivation” with date) and seal them until MagSil has cooled to room temperature. Into a clean open airtight vessel, labeled “MagSil-PR®: DEACTIVATED” with date that has been zeroed (tared) on the scale, weigh an amount of dried MagSil, filling no more than half the jar’s volume. To this weighed MagSil in the (still open) airtight vessel, add 2.6-3.4% volume (mL) pure water to MagSil mass (g). Now seal the vessel, rock & roll to mix thoroughly, then allow at least 2 hours for moisture to equilibrate @ room temperature after mixing, before use.

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