Introducing Aegis™ Filters by Carbon Chemistry

Revolutionizing Extraction Efficiency


Goodbye Paper! Hello Aegis™

At Carbon Chemistry, we understand the challenges faced by extractors in their quest for optimal filtration.

  • Moisture control or particle removal?
  • Speed or fine filtration?
  • Color improvement or flavor retention?

These competing factors often leave extractors searching for a solution that meets all their needs without compromising quality or breaking the bank. Enter Aegis™ Filters—our cost-effective and efficient filtration solution designed to address these diverse requirements.

Unveiling the Power of Aegis Filters™

Our Aegis™ Filters are crafted from an innovative textile material made of inert, synthetic material purposefully engineered to resist polar compound contamination while delivering an exceptionally high degree of depth filtration and provide fine particle filtration.

These filters not only assist in dewaxing and improve color but also ensure flavor retention without sacrificing yield. The best part?

Their high throughput makes them virtually undetectable in your extraction process. In fact, when used in combination with a sintered disc, Aegis Filters™ significantly prolong the disc’s lifespan and boost overall throughput, surpassing normal operations.

Unmatched Resilience and Cost Efficiency

Gone are the days of constantly changing paper filters and sacrificing valuable run time. Aegis™ Filters excel in common closed loop applications, requiring minimal changeouts—often only once a day.

This remarkable durability translates into substantial cost savings compared to the hassle and expense of multiple paper filters. Not only do Aegis Filters™ save you money, but they also enhance throughput and elevate product quality simultaneously, making them the ultimate all-in-one filtration solution.

Textile Triumphs Over Paper

Unlike traditional filter paper, Aegis™ Filters harness the power of specially designed textiles.

This unique choice of material enables our filters to combine the key properties of fine filtration, water resistance, high flow rates, and resilience into a single product.

Moreover, the textile’s ability to remain securely in place within your extraction system ensures consistent and reliable performance throughout your run, even when solvent flow and vacuum cycles are involved.

In most common closed loop applications having to change filters only once a day makes them very economical compared to the cost of multiple paper filters combined with the run time taken up by constantly switching them out.

The net result is a filter that is easy to use, cost effective, and increases throughput and product quality all at the same time.

Versatile Applications and Unparalleled Benefits

Extensively tested by our Carbon Chemistry team, Aegis™ Filters have proven their effectiveness across various applications, including inline filtration in closed loop extractors, dewaxing columns, building CRC filters, and ethanol-based particle filtration and winterization.

Their precise application involves securing the precut filter to the inside of a spool or filter plate using an Aegis retaining ring. In cold environments, multiple layers, each secured with its own ring, are recommended. For closed loop systems, these filters should be followed by a sintered disc.

Revel in Enhanced Color and Flavor

A standout feature of Aegis™ Filters lies in their resistance to polar compounds, particularly water. Water poses a significant threat to cannabis extraction, leading to dark colors, strange flavors, and overall product degradation.

By design, our Aegis™ Filter material resists water, effectively mitigating these negative effects right at the source. The result? A clear, pristine extract with robust flavor profiles straight from the column.

Aegis™ Filters: A Wise Investment

Carbon Chemistry’s Aegis™ Filters are definitely a game-changer when it comes to the extraction processes. These filters provide a cost-effective and comprehensive approach to moisture control, particle removal, speed, color improvement, and flavor retention.

Their superior performance and resilience translate into reduced filter changeouts in closed loop systems.

This, coupled with their exceptional flow rate and throughput, enables you to process more material within the same labor hours, ultimately bolstering your bottom line.

Additionally, the use of these filters minimizes clogging and slowdowns on your sintered discs, extending their lifespan and reducing the need for spares. In essence, Aegis™ Filters offer a win-win situation by providing a superior product and optimizing your financial returns.

Elevate Your Extraction Efficiency with Aegis™ Filters.