How do we filter all media out of our end products?

Carbon chemistry recommends using a fibrous depth filtration element to capture all solid particles without clogging. We now have die-cut precision-felted polyester fiber discs to simplify depth filtration for your media CRC! Flat, 2D membranes like filter paper and fine mesh screens can “blind” (i.e., become coated with a layer of fine solids that limits or blocks liquid flow), but 3D fibrous pucks trap solid particles and allow liquid to flow around the coated fibers.

Loose fiber materials like cotton balls must remain fluffy to work, so media weight is supported on a strong coarse screen or sintered steel “classifier” above the cotton plug.

Fortunately, our tough new drop-in filter discs may be used on the perforated filter plate, directly beneath powders, granules and pellets!

They are initially rated to remove particles as small as 1µm (micrometer or ‘micron’), and just a thin layer of powder media like T-5 will enhance filtration to sub-micron levels, all without risk of blinding or blow-outs!